Water Archeologies / Arqueologías del Agua


Water Archeologies is a long term research project that explores some of the cultural, symbolic and aesthetic aspects of water. Questioning the current anthropocentric perception and treat on this element. The research is inspired by Ivan Illich ́s text H2O and the waters of forgetfulness and his reflexions about the history of this element. The project delves into the mythological, metaphorical and ritualistic role of water in ancient cultures and cosmologies and the transition of this symbolic element into H2O in industrialized capitalist societies.
The research is currently in progress, assembled by images, objects, sculptures, artificial fossils and traces of fictitious water creatures. These objects are created  by the intersection of the magical meanings of water in contrast with the sterile H2O. Tube centipedes and water pipes ammonites made out of opalescent and transparent materials such as fused glass, sea salt, concrete and clay in relation to the translucent and reflective qualities of water.


Arqueologías del Agua es un proyecto de investigación que explora ciertos aspectos culturales, simbólicos y estéticos del agua, poniendo en cuestión la percepción antropocéntrica actual sobre este elemento y el trato que le damos. La investigación se inspira en el texto de Ivan Illich titulado H2O y las aguas del olvido, y sus reflexiones entorno a la historia de esta materia. Las obras creadas a lo largo de la investigación profundizan sobre el rol mitológico, metafórico y ritual del agua en culturas y cosmogonías antiguas y la transición de este elemento simbólico al de H2O en sociedades
industrializadas capitalistas.