The work depicts a clear message from the inhabitants of the Lacandon jungle; ‘NUESTRA SELVA, NUESTRA VIDA’ (our jungle, our life). 

The Lacandones are a small indigenous group who lives in the Mexican rain forest. Their cosmogony, beliefs and lifestyle is strongly connected to their surroundings, making the jungle a sacred place for them. Their mission is to protect the rain forest; their home. Threatened by many predators like urbanization, water pollution, felling of ancient trees for precious woods  and agriculture. 

‘Nuestra selva, nuestra vida’ is a play on words, depicted in gothic typography ’texturalis’. This type was used by Gutenberg to publish his famous 42 line bible. With this book the Spanish conquerors and missionaries colonized Latin America and forced their religion among the pre-hispanic civilizations. I appropriated this font and reverse the message.

The work is comprised of two textile pieces of two and a half meters by half a meter each. The textiles are covered with different shades of green flock (velvet applied by hand). The bright green flags glow in the dark, and are part of an audio visual installation. Where the flags are hanging and glowing, resembling and altar in a holy space.



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