The white whale (postcards from the sea)

Is a letter project curated by Helena Lugo designed and made by María Naidich for afloat assembly 

The white whale (postcards from the sea) is a series of postcards including quotes from Herman Mellville’s novel Moby-Dick, or The Whale written in 1851. Considered to be one of the greatest books of the sea ever written, it narrates sailor Ishmael's voyage and quest to catch a giant sperm whale along with the Pequod crew. This fiction distinguished by its sublime, monstrous, intempestive and titanic character is a search into the depths of the ocean and towards adventure and misfortune. It is an allegory of  a collective delusion. 

The series of postcards are meant to join the passengers of afloat assembly sailing trip from Hamburg to Flensburg in August 2020  and the Arnis Residents. Each artist will be handed  a set of postcards, that in turn, must be sent out with some insights and perspectives of their own trip to different places and recipients. These travelling images aim to reflect on the ocean, the water, the immensity and sea-creatures.

Postcards must be sent out in Flensburg and be written during the trip. Each artist must send at least two postcards to the address below, which will later become part of the afloat assembly archive.

Helena Lugo



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