The work originates from an interest in the exploration of transformation in Christian and Islamic religion, taking as a starting point the history of the 'Old Church' in Amsterdam. The project is a site specific work and consists of a series of monumental flags and a musical landscape, live played by an organist and a Moroccan Andalusian singer, merged togeather by an electronic producer. Both elements; the flags and the performance, were held during the opening of the Rietveld exhibition 'wonder & Wander' in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.

The collective was a temporary collaboration between artists, designers and musicians brought to life for the exhibition.

Concept: Maria Naidich and Floor Nagler , Organ: Maarten Helsloot, Music composition: Trippin Jaguar, Vocals: Karima el Fillali, Graphic design: Luca Carboni

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

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    Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

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    Hand painted polyester 16x1.50m

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    Trippin Jaguar & Karima el Fillali.

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