Perhaps my only true country is my body is a shifting installation, a stage which changes through a performance. The work collaborates with the characteristics of the space where it is exhibited, and adapts and transform to exist in new habitats. The installation aims to bring inside a space, a fragment of the place where I grew up in the Mexican tropics. The result is an intent of a jungle, a semi digital land scape, recreated in an urban environment.

‘…Curtains are closed: 

The space is dark. A still image of the garden where I grew up covers a few remnants of white columns and abducts them into the dark jungle… Deep green, uncontrollable green, plants are constantly growing and changing the space, reducing the space. Peaceful hecticness, an insect orchestra…”

“…Curtains are open:

The image is slowly falling apart. The green habitat is gone and the objects and white columns are revealed and totally visible. The room is transformed into a quasi urban landscape with a few remains of what once was a glorious moment…”

The work deals with the sense of nostalgia for a place that no longer exists. And addresses different places, characters and historical events in relation to this phenomenon.



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