The only thing I knew I wanted to do when I arrived in Morocco was to film a long shot in the dessert. Something or someone moving. Slowly moving, entering the frame, and suddenly leaving the frame. Not much happening, just observing. Like it used to be in old movies. 

The trip was hectic and there was no time to film the shot I was longing for. 

We camped in the dessert, and on our way back,  after four hours of walking under the heavy sun, I decided to stop and film .

The heat created a strange optical effects that tricked my mind. I was not sure if what I was seeing was the same that I was filming. What is that figure moving far away? is it coming towards me? who is he?

It seems that the scene I saw in my childhood when Omar Sharif is in the dessert approaching Lawrence and the bedouin, was stored and forgotten in my mind many years a go, to eventually be reproduced in a unexpected moment of my life.



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